The hard London life

TubeTwatLiving in London is a difficult challenge for anybody. Commute is tough. Just stay home if you cannot live up to the task!

If you’ve lived here long enough, you know that some simple behaviour can create panic among your fellow commuters. Things that are perfectly acceptable anywhere else in the world can kill you here by the very hands of your fellow commuters.

Approaching the tube gates without your ticket ready can cause a stampede.

Not moving down inside the train or the bus can cause a riot.

Carrying huge suitcases or a lot of luggage in general is not socially acceptable.

Feeling unwell in the tube is considered antisocial behaviour.

Being unable to understand the updates given via the loud speaker means you are an inferior human being.

For those of us who don’t feel the shame and keep ignoring the rules of the perfect commuter, TubeTwat web site was created. Shame on you who lean on a pole, so that other people cannot hold themselves. Shame on you if you fell asleep on someone else’s shoulder. Shame on you if you are in a gloomy mood.




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